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You've always wanted to be a movie star and now you can be!


It's true, everyone has dreamed of being the star of a Hollywood movie and now You Are A Movie Star can finally make that dream come true, at least a little bit, by transforming you into the star of an incredibly realistic and visually stunning fantasy movie poster - all without the need for costumes or props.

Yes, after years of exclusive engagements with corporate and college clients we have finally brought our amazing and unique brand of entertainment and digital artistry to the public. 

Whatever your favorite genre is, our extensive gallery of fantasy movie poster themes has something for everyone including themes designed for single actors, couples/duos, groups of three or four and even children.

You can take it seriously or with your tongue planted firmly in cheek but one thing is for sure - you will end up with a high quality piece of personalized digital art that you'll want to save forever, share with your friends and maybe even print as an awesome 24"x 36" wall poster that you can frame and hang in your home or office. Now that's a conversation piece!

Ready for your close up? Just find our next event near you, do your face and hair and prepare for some real Hollywood-style fun.

Starfire (Couple)
Empire (Male) Guzman
MWhite-Master Of The Universe
Prime Suspects (Group) Clients
The Frontier
High CrimeS copy
TJOHNSON-Heroes (Male)
MSCHLUETER-Wings (Female)
Zombie City (Group) 2
EB-The Fairy Princess
Hardy-Stoddard-Spy Game
MWilliams-The Young Sorcerer
MWACKSMAN-The Hospital (Male)
Milton Hall (Couple)
THarris-The Realm (Male)
In The Dark (Group)
DPOTTER-Heat Seeker (Male)
HB-The Specialist


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